Bathroom Remodel for Safety

Successfully stay in your home longer

Whether you are planning to stay in your home for a long time or moving into a family members home you can make some very important home improvements for safety and comfort.

Adding universal design elements when remodeling increase accessibility and can help the elderly and people with different abilities stay independent.

Some of the most impactful projects for aging-in-place focus on kitchen and bathroom remodeling and include:

Slip resistant flooring (falls are the #1 cause of injuries in the home)

Wide doorways for wheelchair accessibility

Reinforced walls to support grab bars and rails

Sensor lights that go on when entering a room, and lighted switchplates for the visually impaired

Curbless showers so you can easily roll a walker, wheelchair, or transfer chair right across the edge.

Adjustable height showerheads

Shower benches or fold-down seats

Higher seat toilets for those who have difficulty getting up

Faucets and doors with levers which are easier to operate

Floating vanities which have room for wheelchair access

Incorporating universal design elements when remodeling, is worth a bit of time and effort. Even though you don’t know exactly how your needs will change, these are smart ideas for which can benefit people of all different ages and abilities.