Kitchen Remodel For More Storage

If you are planning a kitchen remodel and one of your most important requirements is for more storage, you are not alone. Since the kitchen is the most often used room in the home, more storage is at the top must-have list for homeowners. One of the foundations to a functional kitchen remodel is kitchen storage.   If it is inadequate or ineffective, you will be faced with endless frustrations and challenges.

No matter what the size of your kitchen is, there are ways to incorporate additional storage. Basic shelves and drawers leave a lot of wasted space. You can make the most of your new kitchen by incorporating different drawer options and cabinetry organizers for better storage. As a bonus some of these options will help you to keep your countertops decluttered.

Unique cabinetry and custom drawer organizers:

Deep Drawers – great for large pots

Pull out or roll out drawers – perfect for stacked items

Pullouts with cabinet vertical tray dividers for cookie sheets, muffin tins and other trays

Blind corner storage unit pulls out for easy access.

Spice rack pullouts with tiered shelves lets you easily find what you need.

Toe kick cabinet storage is great for linens and shallow baking pans

Cabinet with popup mixer shelf, there no need to lift that heavy mixer!

A hidden appliance cabinet also known as a garage. Keeps your small appliances behind doors