Going Beyond The Basics

An excerpt from an article by Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, appearing in Remodeling Today:

Choosing the right professionals is more than just finding the remodeler or decorator at the lowest price.  It is even more important that the company you choose to work with is the right company for you.

There have been a number of articles written and various publications that tell you how to choose a remodeler.  In this article, the focus will be on choosing the remodeler who is right for you so that you, your family and your home will have a positive experience.  Yes, I said “your home”.  Depending on the project you plan, the life, health, and safety of your home may be one of the most important considerations in choosing a professional remodeler.

The following discussion is not meant to replace the basics in choosing a remodeler, but to help you go beyond the basics in your selection process.

It is important that you are fully aware of the differences between contractors.  Unfortunately, there are still those who ignore the rules because it is easier and cheaper to do so.  People tend to think that nothing can happen so why worry.  But the big question is what if something does go wrong.  The other question to ask yourself is if the contractor is ignoring the law what else might they be ignoring.  It is important that you realize you have very little protection if you do hire an unlicensed or uninsured contractor.